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Make Planning Your Vacation A Breeze

The whole point of going on vacation is to unwind and relax. If you have to stress and worry about your vacation rental, you're starting your vacation off on the wrong foot. Sundazed Vacation Hospitality should be your first step in vacation planning. We provide vacation rental homes in the Sylvan Beach, NY area and will take care of the details for you.

With 8 properties that include over 20 condos, cabins and beach house rentals, you can settle into your preferred home away from home. Ask us for more information about our vacation rental homes now.

How we make sure your stay is enjoyable

At Sundazed Vacation Hospitality, we make it our mission to give you a beautiful and relaxing vacation. That's why we...

  • Keep every property maintained to provide you with a clean, comfortable and functional place to stay
  • Furnish every condo, cabin and beach house rental with all the necessities so you can focus on fun
  • Provide welcome packs that include paper towels, toilet paper and garbage bags for your convenience

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